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Welcome to A Walk in the World, a professional travel experience sharing website of Fuad. If you put in some time in this travel blog, you will get backpacking tips, itinerary ideas, motivated by some amazing travel photos, and can ultimately plan your trip. Backpacking, vacation, or work, let’s travel the world most productively, naturally, and pleasantly!

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Yes, you are right! I am the guy in the photo, trying to touch the sky (and could only go a meter above the ground). That sums up my story.

I love to travel, a lot! Carrying a Bangladeshi passport means, I need a prior visa for visiting most of the countries. I was detained in many borders despite having a prior visa because of my passport. But, I didn’t give up - I have set my foot to 37 countries, and I will keep walking on earth.

A Walk in the World is my stories, experiences, and photos - only for you. If I could travel the world despite all the odds, you can, too.

NB: If you know Bangla, you can grab my travelogue from here.

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