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Koh Kood (Koh Kut) in Thailand is an amazingly beautiful island. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand and perceived as the most beautiful island in the country.

I’ve visited some of Thailand’s most beautiful and popular islands, including Koh Lanta, Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Phi Phi. So I didn’t have high hopes when I decided to visit Koh Kood (Koh Kut) island. However, after visiting there, I can attest that Koh Kood is the most beautiful island I’ve ever seen in Thailand. After spending two days in Bangkok, I headed towards this amazing island, and I’ve put together the ultimate Koh Kood travel guide. Koh Kood Island is also pronounced Koh Kut Island; please keep in mind that both of them are the same.

Best Beaches in Koh Kood

Ao Phrao Beach in Koh Kood
Koh Kood in Thailand is nothing sort of paradise (Ao Phrao Beach, Koh Kood)

Koh Kood has a plethora of breathtaking beaches. Although the beaches were not as large as those on the Indonesian island of Lombok, I enjoyed them for the following reasons.

  • The water was crystal clear
  • The sands were powdery and soft.
  • The water was calm in the north and wild in the south, and it gave me two distinct feelings.
  • You can go deep into the water as the waterbed is fairly flat

You have the option of spending an entire day on a single beach or beach bumming. In the process of choosing the latter, I discovered the following incredible beaches.

The ocean and beaches on Koh Kood are on par with some of the best in the world, including those in the Maldives!

All of the beaches I’m mentioning here are in the western part of the island, so when I say north or south, I mean northwest or southwest.

Tinkerbell Beach

Love at first sight – Tinkerbell beach in Koh Kood

Tinkerbell Beach was my first destination on Koh Kood. Because the island is so large, you may become disoriented regarding the location of your stay. This region was chosen by me because the accommodations were relatively inexpensive.

The sky is trying to touch the ocean

In comparison to other parts of the island, this area is lively. In any case, you won’t find many people here, or anywhere else on the island. That’s a good thing because many other Thai tourist destinations, such as Phuket, can get very crowded.

I am into the water facing Klong Chao Beach

Tinkerbell Beach’s water is calm and ideal for swimming. Because the seabed is relatively flat here, you can go as far as you want. If you walk further, you will be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views. This location is surrounded by forests on both sides.

A glimpse of Tinkerbell beach from the water

Tinkerbell Beach is named after the Tinkerbell Resort. It’s a reasonably priced beachfront resort. If you can afford it and don’t want to do anything else but lie on the beach, you can book it.

Klong Chao Beach

Koh Kood Travel Guide
I am used to seeing this kind of photo on a postcard!

Klong Chao Beach can be seen as an extension of Tinkerbell Beach, or vice versa. Klong Chao beach is located further north from Tinkerbell. The route shown by Google Maps is obstructed by Wendy the Pool Resort and Peterpan Resort. However, you are free to go through their reception; nobody will tell you anything. This is a picture-perfect idyll.

Ao Noi Beach

Rock and Coconut trees Ao Noi Beach Koh Kood
Another day in paradise!

I set out from Klong Chao Beach for the northern part of the island. There, I discovered another beautiful location on Koh Kut Island. It’s the Ao Noi beach this time.

Scenic Pier Ao Noi Koh Koot
That picture perfect pier in Ao Noi, Koh Kood

Ao Noi Beach has a pier similar to those seen in famous photographs. You can spend as much time as you want there; there was not a single soul there when I went.

Ao Noi Beach Koh Kood
Ao Noi beach in Koh Kut as seen from the ferry pier

Ao Noi has a small sand strip with soft sand. The sand beneath the water is also soft, so you’ll have no trouble walking there. The large coconut trees that line the sand strip add to the beauty.

Ao Noi Beach Pier Koh Kood
I am inside the water now

The water is calm and warm here. Because the ocean is flat, you can travel further. My favorite part was watching the scenery from the water. There are several large rocks where you can catch fish.

Crab Ao Noi Koh Kood
Crabs are having a merry time on a big rock

Ao Noi Beach is named after the Ao Noi Resort, which is a beautiful resort full of plants and trees. There are bungalows facing the ocean; you must visit the beach that connects the street to the bungalows. Again, don’t be afraid to walk through the resort to get to the beautiful Ao Noi beach.

There are restrooms here; simply enter one beside the restaurant; there is no need to pay or ask anyone.

Ao Tapao Beach

Front View of Ao Tapao Beach
Towards the ocean – Ao Tapao beach in Koh Kood island

Ao Tapao Beach was the farthest north I went before heading south. If you want to venture further north, you can travel to Klong Mad, Yai Kee Beach, and Soneva Kiri Beach.

Boat Pier of Ao Tapao in Koh Kood
The pier in Ao Tapao beach

Ao Tapao is one of the island’s longest beaches. Ao Tapao also has a pier for taking photos, but it is not the most beautiful.

Ao Tapao Beach in Thailand
You need a shade in the warm weather for sure!

Ao Tapao beach had a few crowds, but it was not as deserted as other beaches. As a result, there will be plenty of space on this beach.

Ao Tapao Beach in Koh Kood
To the left facing the ocean in Ao Tapao Beach

Although this beach was lovely, it did not pique my interest. Maybe I got tired of exploring all the beaches, and the midday heat was unbearable. You don’t have to take my word for it; many people consider this to be the best beach on the island.

Swing in Ao Tapao Beach
Craving for a swing in the beach?

There is a restaurant as well as a bar here. Ordering something means relaxing in front of the ocean, which sounds too good right now as I type from home.

Bangbao Beach / Siam Beach

Bang Bao Beach Koh Kood
As soon I entered to Siam beach, I loved it.

I went north on my first day of beach bummin’. On the second day, I began my exploration to the south, with a stop at Bangbao Beach, which is also known as Siam Beach in parts.

Bang Bao Pier
The ferry pier in Siam Beach.

The Siam beach is the area where the Siam resort is located. Walking to the right while keeping the ocean front will take you to Bangbao. The water is ideal for snorkeling. You can simply jump off the pier and have fun.

Scenic View in Bang Bao
The water in Bangbao beach can be compared to that of Maldives

You can rent a boat to go kayaking or relax on the swing. The water was calm here, making it ideal for swimming. There are several beachfront resorts on Koh Kood, including Koh Kood Cabana, Shantaa, Koh Kood Paradise Beach, Medee Resort, and Sea Far Resort.

Klong Hin beach

Beautiful Klong Hin beach in Koh Kood

Further south, near Bangbao Beach, is the lovely Klong Hin (Khlong Hin) beach. It’s a little off the beaten path in comparison to other beaches. However, you must go because it is beautiful.

Klong Hin Swing
Swinging in the water can be exciting

Klong Hin beach is less than half a kilometer long. There are coconut trees all over the place. I discovered the most exciting swing here because it is placed in such a way that you will be touching the ocean. Don’t forget to try it; you’ll enjoy swinging in Klong Hin.

Klong Hin Beach Seen from Water
Look how are did I go from the shore!

There are some beachfront hotels here, and it is said that these hotels attract a lot of Russian tourists.

Ao Phrao Beach

Ao Phrao beach is simply stunning!

My most recent unique beach visit in Koh Kood was to Ao Phrao Beach, which was also my favorite destination in Koh Kood. This is technically the southernmost beach. Following that, you will encounter jungles.

Ao Phrao Pier
I found the most beautiful pier in Koh Kood in Ao Phrao beach

Everything about Ao Phrao Beach appealed to me. What made it so memorable for me? First and foremost, I adored the Ao Phrao pier; it was the longest and most beautiful of them all. By the time I arrived, the sun had begun to lose its luster. The views from the pier’s edge are some of the best on the island.

Big Wave in Ao Phrao
Can you feel the strong waves in Ao Phrao beach from here?

Second, the Ao Phrao wave was the most violent (but sweet). The ocean threw me away when I entered it. However, because the tide was low and the waterbed was flat, it was not dangerous. I felt like playing with a puppy. I could walk for miles, almost to the middle of the ocean, and embrace the endless waves.

Ao Phrao Beautiful Pier
Romantic, isn’t it?

If you continue straight from Ao Phrao Beach back to the main road, you will find a small fishing village called Ao Yai on the bank of a canal with some restaurants. There was an automated fueling machine nearby, so I filled up my scooter.

Koh Kood Hotels

When looking for a place to stay on Koh Kood, consider whether you want to be near a beach. On Koh Kood, there are numerous beachfront resorts to choose from. They will, however, be more expensive. So, if money is an issue, you can choose from some hotels that are not far from a beach, but you will need a motorbike to get there.

Suan Maprao Ko Kut Resort (Not a Beachfront Hotel)

Suan Maprao Ko Kut Resort
Beautiful coconut garden in Suan Maprao Ko Kut Resort

During the first leg of my journey, I stayed at the low-cost Suan Maprao Ko Kut Resort. It is conveniently situated between Tinkerbell and Bangbao Beach. While staying here, you can visit both the north and south beaches. The bed is comfortable, the owner is pleasant, and they serve a substantial breakfast (although you have only a couple of options). It is situated within a coconut forest, and you must drink the coconut here. It’s delectable. A 125cc scooter can be rented for 300 Thai Baht. Black Bananas, one of Koh Kood’s most popular restaurants, is just a short walk from Suan Maprao.

Baan Suan Koh Kood Homestay (Not a Beachfront Hotel)

Baan Suan Homestay Koh Kood
This is not an eco room but a standard room

My second stay here was at Baan Suan Koh Kood Homestay, another inexpensive option. It’s close to the Siam/Bangbao beach. To get around, you’ll need a motorcycle. It was empty when I arrived, there was no restaurant, and no one to provide you with services. However, I enjoyed the peace and quiet and could see stars from here. The rooms are comfortable, and the basic amenities are provided. It’s less expensive than Suan Maprao.

Tinkerbell Resort (Beachfront Hotel)

Tinkerbell Resort Koh Kood
Tinkerbell is a good Beachfront hotel in Koh Kood

Staying in Tinkerbell resort in Koh Kood puts you right in front of one of the island’s most popular beaches.

Ao Noi Resort – Beachfront Hotel

Ao Noi Resort Koh Kood
The surrounding of Aonoi resort is stunning

I simply adored the Aonoi resort complex. It was naturally colorful due to the abundance of trees and flowering plants. Above all, you will be staying in front of one of Koh Kood’s best beaches. However, you should keep in mind that the internet reviews are not very positive.

Other Beachfront top Ranked Hotels in Koh Kood

If none of the above options satisfy you, here are some of the best beachfront resorts on Koh Kood. I listed them from north to south and included the names of the beaches where they are located.

Soneva Kiri – Soneva Kiri beach, the most expensive hotel in Koh Kood

Shanta Resort – Ao Tapao beach

Koh Kood Paradise Beach – Ao Tapao Beach

High Season Pool Villa & Spa – Klong Chao Beach

Wendy the Pool Resort – Klong chao beach, all the rooms have private pool

To The Sea The Resort – Bangbao beach

The Beach Natural Resort – Bang Bao Beach

Khlong Hin Beach Resort – Klong Hin Beach

Rest Sea Resort – Ao Phrao Beach

Best Places to eat in Koh Kood

Black Bananas

Good food, friendly people, and a pleasant atmosphere make Black Bananas the most popular restaurant on Koh Kood. They serve delectable Thai cuisine as well as bakery items. During dinner, it will most likely be full, so expect some waiting time. You can reserve a table by calling (+66 86 555 1366) ahead of time.


Not far from Black Banana, Chaiyo attracts visitors and is regarded as one of the best on the island. Chaiyo and Black Bananas are both reasonably priced, so you can try them both.

Best Places to enjoy sunset in Koh Kood

You will be able to fully appreciate the sunset in Koh Kood because all of the beaches mentioned here face west.

Sunset from Tinkerbell Beach

Tinkerbell beach is one of the best places to watch the most beautiful sunsets in Koh Kood

Tinkerbell beach is a great place to watch the sunset from the beach on Koh Kood. You’ll most likely be staying nearby and won’t have to drive home late at night. This is significant because the hilly roads have numerous ups and downs as well as curves.

Surreal Sunset Koh Kood
It’s calm and serene!

One of my favorite spots to watch the sunset at Tinkerbell Beach was on the far left side, facing the ocean. I discovered some large rocks there, which provided a dramatic backdrop to the setting sun.

Sunset from Goodview Resort and Coffee

Koh Kood Sunset
End of another day – sunset in Koh Kood

If you prefer to watch the sunset from a restaurant rather than from the beach, Goodview Resort and Coffee provides an excellent view. It is very close to Tinkerbell Beach; simply follow the map to the top of a road. You can order something inexpensive, sit at a table, and enjoy the spectacular sunset. I didn’t like the cake I ordered there, so don’t order anything too heavy – just enough to enjoy watching the sun set.

Where is Koh Kood?

Koh Kood is an island in Thailand’s Gulf of Thailand, in Trat province. Trat is located approximately 330 kilometers east of Bangkok. Trat is bordered by Cambodia.

How to Get to Koh Kood?

You can’t fly to Koh Kood, and you can’t drive there either. You must travel by car, bus, or plane, as well as passenger ferry. Two of the alternatives are listed below.

Koh Kood from Bangkok without any Break (Bus/car + Ferry)

From Bangkok, book a bus + ferry transfer. After 5 to 6 hours of driving, you will arrive in Trat, a small town in Thailand near the Cambodian border. It takes about 45 minutes to drive from Trat town to Laem Sok Pier, where the ferry to Trat departs. The ferry ride to Koh Kood will take one hour. The advantage of visiting Koh Kood directly from Thailand is that you won’t have to worry about getting from Trat to the ferry pier. The disadvantage is that you must leave Bangkok very early.

Koh Kood from Bangkok with night stay in Trat (Bus/Car + Ferry)

A night’s stay in Trat has two advantages. For starters, it will give you plenty of time to eat breakfast in Bangkok. Second, you will have the opportunity to visit Trat, a small city in Thailand. From Bangkok, you can purchase a bus ticket to Trat. If you like to use public transportation, then chose Ekkamai bus terminal as your starting point. Ekkamai bus station is 2 minutes walking distance from Ekkamai BTS station. On the next day, you need to find a transfer from Trat to Laem Sok Pier. A ferry from Laem Sok Pier to Koh Kood will take one hour, and, you can buy ticket from Trat to Koh Kood in advance online.

Bangkok to Trat by Air + Ferry

If you want to avoid taking the bus from Bangkok to Trat, you can fly from Bangkok to Trat. Suvanabhumi airport is served by Bangkok Airways.

In all cases, you will receive free transportation from Trat ferry pier to the hotels listed above.

Best Ferries for reaching Koh Kood Island from Trat

There are mainly three ferry companies Boonsiri, Koh Kood Express and Koh Kood Princess for travelling between Trat to Koh Kood.


Boonsiri Koh Kood
Boosnriri – as seen from the open deck

Boonsiri is the best option for getting from Koh Kood to Trat. It is a high-speed catamaran. Boonsiri will take you less than an hour to get to the island. It has an open upper deck from which to enjoy the scenic ride. The Boonsiri ticket was the most expensive of the three options, but I felt it was the safest.

Koh Kood Express Ferry

Koh Kood Express Ferry
I am getting back to Trat with Koh Kood Express Ferry

The Koh Kood express ferry is a long boat with a plastic roof. There are three seat columns. A good view can be obtained by sitting in the right or leftmost seats. It makes a stopover in Koh Mak, a smaller island in the same group of islands. Depending on your destination, it will take a little more than an hour to get to Trat or Koh Mak. The Koh Kood express ticket is less expensive than the Boonsiri ticket.

Koh Kood Princess

The Koh Kood Princess is the least expensive and slowest way to get to Koh Kood. The journey takes approximately 90 minutes.

Getting around in Koh Kood

Transportation in Koh Kood
A scooter will be your best friend in Koh Kood

There is no public transportation on Koh Kood, and I didn’t see a single car during my journey. It also makes sense given that the ferry between Trat (mainland) and Koh Kood island only transports humans.

Road in Koh Kood
This road will take you to one of those beautiful beaches

You must rent a motorcycle or scooter to explore the island. There appears to be only one path available. Although the road is scenic and will provide you with an unforgettable experience, it is hilly and steep in places. As a result, you must drive cautiously and stay within the speed limit.

Koh Kood Video Guide

Have a glimpse of best of Koh Kood in motion pictures
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