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How to Avail a Bluebird Taxi in Bali Airport?

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Bluebird Regular Limo Taxi. Bluebird taxi is the best option for going to Bali town from Bali Airport.
This is how a Bluebird taxi looks like. Image Source

In Bali, Indonesia, the most reliable and convenient transportation is a Bluebird taxi. It is well marked, properly maintained, and the driver wears a certain blue uniform which you cannot miss. Availing a Bluebird taxi from Bali airport is the best way of reaching Bali town. However, there is a catch.

You can come to the airport (Ngurah Rai International Airport, IATA: DPS) from the town with a Bluebird taxi.

Unfortunately, a syndicate does not allow tourists to take a Bluebird taxi from the airport to town. You need to take the prepaid taxis, which are more expensive.

Can I take a Bluebird Taxi from Airport to town in Bali?

Sure, there is an easy way around.

As the Bluebird taxi drops passengers at the departure hall, all you need to do is to go to the departure hall from the arrival hall using the elevator. If you wait there for a while, you will get a Bluebird taxi. Just wave your hand, hop into one (quickly), and ask the driver to take you to the destination. You will save some money this way.

Uber or Grab works neither from the airport, so the Bluebird taxi is a savior. And don’t use the Bluebird taxi app at the airport because they do not have the official coverage for picking someone from the airport.

Steps of availing a Bluebird Taxi in Bali Airport

Follow these steps for getting a Bluebird Taxi:

  1. Immigration and Customs clearance

    Cross the immigration and customs, you will be in arrival hall

  2. Head towards departure hall

    Follow the marking or ask anyone where the departure hall is. The departure hall in Ngurah Rai International Airport is on a different floor than the arrival hall. It’s upstairs.

  3. Arrive at the departure hall

  4. Get out of the airport

    Don’t go far, just stand in front of the door.

  5. Look around

    Wait there to see if someone has arrived using a bluebird taxi.

  6. Approach to the tax

    Approach to the driver while the passenger is paying. Don’t wait until the passenger leaves.

  7. Get into the taxi

    You don’t need to ask the driver about your destination beforehand. Just get into it quickly and tell him your destination.

  8. Check the taxi meter

    Make sure that, the driver has turned the meter on.

  9. Seat back and relax as the driver starts the car

    Welcome to the Bali! You have made out of the Bali airport using a bluebird taxi. Enjoy the views around. And, congratulations! You have successfully reduced your journey price by half in Bali.

  10. Pay the bill according to the meter

    Once you arrive at the destination, see the bill on the meter. Pay the exact amount, say thank you to the driver and leave the taxi.

Two Money Saving Tips in Bali Airport

  1. Do not exchange all your currency at Bali Airport. You will get a worse exchange rate. Rather, make a small amount of exchange and find a money exchange in town. BMC money exchange is reliable, they have plenty of franchises. So you can find one on the map near your location.
  2. Order your mobile SIM ahead in Klook, and pick the SIM from the airport. They will take 2 minutes to activate your SIM. It’s super easy and will save some money.

Booking a private transfer from Airport

If you do not want to go through these hassles and don’t get intimidated by the taxi mafia in Bali airport, you can book a private transfer ahead in Klook. This is a convenient option which will cost you between US$5 to US$8 depending upon the season.

Further Information

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I have installed Bluebird Taxi app. Can I call a Bluebird taxi in Bali Airport using the app?

No, you cannot. Bluebird mobile app will not work inside Bali Airport. You have to follow the instruction of this blog to avail of a Bluebird taxi at Bali airport.

Does Bluebird taxi have any app?

Yes, they do.
You can download the Android app for bluebird taxi from here, and iOS app for bluebird taxi from here.

Where can you go from Bali Airport?

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