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Bali Tourist Map

How to Avail a Bluebird Taxi in Bali Airport?

This is how a Bluebird taxi looks like. Image Source In Bali, Indonesia, the most reliable and convenient transportation is a Bluebird taxi. It is well marked, properly maintained, and the driver wears a certain blue uniform which you cannot miss. Availing a Bluebird taxi from Bali airport is the best way of reaching Bali town. However, there is a catch. You can come...

Best Airport to Fly into Tokyo?

If you want to go to Japan, most probably, you are going to start with Tokyo. And, when you will search your flights for Tokyo, you will find two airports. Those are Narita International Airport (Short code NRT) and Haneda Airport (aka Tokyo International Airport, short code HND). So, which is the best airport to fly into Tokyo? Which airport is better between Narita...