Old Dhaka in Photos

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and one of the most densely populated cities in the world. I live here, this is my place. Although, I read that, this is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, I don’t believe it. I believe that, no other places on earth has packed so many people in such a small place. 

To give you a notion, Dhaka is smaller than the size of Oslo, but it contains more people than Denmark and Norway combined!

But, these are just statistics – you have to come here and experience this magical city to know about it. 

It’s full of life, color and laughter. 

I am uploading some photos of the older part of this vibrant city.

Why don’t you come and pay a visit here to experience this madness?

A horse carriage has joined in the madness of the street
Where should we go from here?
The narrow streets are full of life.
Dhaka is a city of mosques, this is one of them.
If you commit a crime, this will be your place to live for a while – the central jail in Dhaka (which has been shifted recently)
Do you wanna deliver a speech?
Local boats are waiting for the passengers
These big launches will take you to different cities – Bangladesh is a land of rivers.
The sun is about to set – Dhaka stands in bank of the river Buriganga which is massively polluted with industrial waste.
This is a famous old boarding hotel – many acclaimed Bengali writers, politicians and intellectuals stayed here.

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