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Old Dhaka in Photos

Although Dhaka has many fantastic places to visit, your trip to Dhaka, Bangladesh will not be complete without taking photos of old Dhaka. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

I live here this is my place. Although I read that this is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, I don’t believe it. I believe that no other place on earth has packed so many people in such a small place. 

To give you an idea, Dhaka is smaller than the size of Oslo, but it contains more people than Denmark and Norway combined! Yes. 20 million people live here in only 310 square kilometers.

But, these are just statistics – you have to come here and experience this magical city to know more about it. 

It’s full of life, it’s magical with color and brimming with laughter. It’s a city of utter chaos, madness, and rush – but it’s a city of humans, it’s a city of joy.

I am uploading some photos of the older part of this vibrant city. I took these pictures while walking in the older part of Dhaka which is culturally different, has been serving as the supplier of goods for the capital, and situated in the famous river named Buriganga.

Why don’t you come and pay a visit here to experience this madness?

Let’s take a walk in the narrow and chaotic streets of old Dhaka of Bangladesh through photos.

Entering Old Dhaka
Entering the old Dhaka. Get ready to be amazed!
Old Dhaka Photos. A horse carriage has joined in the madness of the street in Dhaka. Old Dhaka in Photos.
A horse carriage has joined in the madness of the street
Busy Old Dhaka Street
Human, goods, vehicles, shops, everything in a frame! Only possible at Old Dhaka in Bangladesh.
People carrying goods in old Dhaka
A gentleman is carrying goods on his head in the busy street of old Dhaka
People Carrying Goods in Old Dhaka
A green three wheeler has come to the scene, and it’s struggling amidst crowds.
Fruit Shop in Old Dhaka
There are some fruits for you! They are cheap, too!
Old Building in Old Dhaka
An old residential building in shambolic state
Rickshaws are stuck in old Dhaka
Rickshaws are stuck. They are maintaining a lane! Awesome!!
Old man carrying object in old Dhaka
This man possesses such wonderful balance!
Multiple Packets On Head of a person in Old Dhaka
….and, he is carrying countless number of packets.
Manual Van in old Dhaka
It takes a lot of strength to pull such a heavy burden manually, they are doing it round the clock.
Manual Pulling Cart in old Dhaka
Another kind of transportation for carrying goods.
Colorful Decorative Pieces on display in Old Dhaka
A shop selling colourful decorative. They will be used during a program or festival.
Electronics Shop in Old Dhaka
A shop selling different type of things – knife, water bottle, scissors….I am so lost!
Yet Another Shop in Old Dhaka
Yet another shop in Old Dhaka. If you don’t get a thing here, you won’t find it anywhere in Dhaka!
Narrow Street of Old Dhaka
A narrow street of old Dhaka – electric line is hovering, a blue bin to hold garbages, and pink poster on the wall
Alley in Old Dhaka
As you explore more, the alley will get narrower in the old Dhaka.
Road Blocked By Vehicle Old Dhaka
A sudden U turn in the narrow street means a complete standstill in the road!
Streets of Dhaka, the traffic is unparalleled. Old Dhaka Photos.
Where should we go from here?
Rickshaw in the street of old Dhaka.
The narrow streets are full of life.
Humans in Old Dhaka
People are going in every directions!
Tangled Cable Wires - Old Dhaka in Photos
Tangled wire in old Dhaka – can you fix it?
Dirty Road in Old Dhaka
Something went wrong here, it didn’t rain at all. But, who cares? Life goes on in Old Dhaka!
Star Mosque in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dhaka is a city of mosques, this is one of them named the Tara mosque in old Dhaka.
Shops in Old Dhaka
This is how shops are placed on the street side. A zone sells specific type of products, here they are selling clothes for female.
Stray Dogs in Old Dhaka - Old Dhaka in Photos
Stray dogs are searching for food in the street of Old Dhaka.
This is a market – in shambolic state.
Old central Jail in Dhaka, which is being used by a museum now. Old Dhaka Pictures.
If you commit a crime, this will be your place to live for a while – the central jail in Dhaka (which has been shifted recently)
Dustbins in Old Dhaka
The wastes are taken from here to somewhere else. Yaaak! It was smelly, I just ran as fast as I could!
Colorful Bangle Shop in Old Dhaka
Girls are searching for their favourite Bangle in a colorful Old Dhaka shop
A typical shop in Dhaka, vendors are sitting on the pathway, too. This is a typical old Dhaka photo.
Do you wanna deliver a speech?
Boats are waiting for passengers in the Buriganga river
Local boats are waiting for the passengers
A big water vessel - this one will be going to Barisal - a divisional city in Bangladesh
These big launches will take you to different cities – Bangladesh is a land of rivers.
The sun is setting in the bustling Buriganga river in Dhaka, Bangladesh
The sun is about to set – Dhaka stands in bank of the river Buriganga which is massively polluted with industrial waste.
Beauty boarding - a famous old building in Dhaka
This is a famous old boarding hotel – many acclaimed Bengali writers, politicians and intellectuals stayed here.

Did you like these photos of Dhaka in Bangladesh?

What is your favorite city in the world for a walk?

Where to go from Dhaka?

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