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Bus to Bagan from Yangon

Yangon to Bagan

Yangon is the major city of Myanmar while Bagan is famous for its ancient pagodas.. Bagan is about 630 Kilometres from Yangon and reachable with bus, plane and train. Read further to know all about how to reach Bagan from Yangon in Myanmar.

Dirt road in Bagan

Bagan by Bike

Dotted with more than 4,500 pagodas, Bagan in Myanmar is best explored with an e-bike. Renting a bike will give you the ultimate freedom and ease of travel in the famous archaeological complex of Bagan. Here is you travel guide for exploring Bagan with an e-bike.

Bagan Temples

Bagan Pagodas

It’s a shame that I did not know about Bagan although I live not too far away from there. Bagan is an ancient archaeological complex in the Mandalay district of Myanmar (Burma). The city was the capital of Pagan kingdom during the 10th century. There are tons of pagodas dotted randomly in the complex. It’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site. In fact, you will...