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Where to Stay in Bagan?

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Bagan is the most popular tourist destination in Myanmar. You will find the best places to stay in Bagan from this accommodation recommendation blog.

Bagan in Myanmar(Burma) is famous for its countless beautiful temples. It’s a relatively small town in the Mandalay district of Myanmar. If you look for hotels but are undecided about where to stay in Bagan for your once in a lifetime trip, you have good news.

There are mostly three regions to stay in – Old Bagan, New Bagan, and Nyaung U. You should pick one of them for your trip to Bagan.

Below is a comprehensive comparison of those locations (advantages and disadvantages), names of the suggested hotels to stay and their cost.

A glimpse of Bagan which is not ruins – Nyaung U

Colour in the bracket denotes the location of the maps below, it doesn’t have any other purpose other than that.

Where to stay in Old Bagan?

Summary of the hotels in Old Bagan

  • Situated in the Northwest
  • Very close to the historical sites of Bagan
  • Pretty expensive compared to the other regions
  • The area is surrounded by an ancient wall
  • Much quieter than new Bagan or Nyaung U

Recommended hotels in Old Bagan

  1. Ananta Bagan (Blue)
  2. Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort (Green)
  3. The Hotel @ Tharabar Gate (Red)
  4. Aureum palace hotel and resort (Black)
  5. Aye Yar River View Resort (Yellow)

Where to stay in New Bagan?

Summary of the hotels in New Bagan

  • Situated in the Southwest
  • People who got affected during the renovations of Old Bagan was moved here
  • Newer hotels
  • Cheaper than hotels of Old Bagan

Recommended New Bagan Hotels

  1. Kumudara Hotel (Black)
  2. Bluebird Hotel (Green)
  3. Bagan Lodge (Yellow)
  4. Villa Bagan Hotel (Blue)
  5. Bagan View Hotel (Red)

Where to stay in Nyaung U?

Summary of the hotels in Nyaung U

  • Situated in the Northeast
  • Close to the bus stoppage and airport
  • Not far from the attractions
  • Cheapest hotels

Recommended hotels in Nyaung U

  1. Hotel Zein (Black)
  2. New Wave Guesthouse (Blue)
  3. Myanmar Han Hotel (Yellow)
  4. Heritage Bagan Hotel (Orange)
  5. Nanda Garden (Green)
  6. Saw Nyein San Guest House (Purple)

Comparison of Hotel Locations in Bagan

Key FactorsOld BaganNew BaganNyaung U
PriceExpensiveMid rangeCheaper
Hotel optionsLimitedModeratePlenty
Ideal forLuxury seekersMixedBackpackers
Temples~1KM~5 KM~7 KM
Airport11 KM10 KM2 KM
Bus Station7 KM13 KM5 KM
Where to stay in Bagan : a comparison chart of the locations for choosing a hotel in Bagan

Map of Hotel Hotspots in Bagan

I have given you a lot of information above. Below is a map of the locations of the bus stoppage, airport, and the locations we discussed above.

  • Black denotes Old Bagan
  • Red denotes New Bagan
  • Green denotes Nyaung U

Bagan Hotels – Names, Locations, Price

Name of the hotelLocationPrice in US$
Ananta BaganOld Bagan200
Bagan Thiripyitsaya SanctuaryOld Bagan90
The Hotel @ Tharabar GateOld Bagan145
Aye Yar River View ResortOld Bagan110
Aureum palace hotel and resortOld Bagan145
Kumudara HotelNew Bagan28
Bluebird HotelNew Bagan
Bagan LodgeNew Bagan130
Villa Bagan HotelNew Bagan52
Bagan View HotelNew Bagan37
Hotel ZeinNyaung U
New Wave GuesthouseNyaung U30
Myanmar Han HotelNyaung U23
Heritage Bagan HotelNyaung U77
Nanda GardenNyaung U26
Saw Nyein San Guest HouseNyaung U24
I suggest you to pick one from this sixteen hotels to stay in Bagan from this list, you shouldn’t be disappointed

Ah! A long post right? But, I believe, if you read this post, you don’t need to read any further. You can choose any hotel from the list mentioned above. If you don’t find any of them not satisfactory after your visit, please do let me know.

Besides, if you are willing to ride a bike, it will be very easy for you to move from places. The main roads are in good shape. So it doesn’t matter where you decide to stay, any place is just several minutes away.

This road will take you to the ruins from Nyaung U

Where did you stay in Bagan?

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