Hot Air Balloon in the Valley of the Kings

Egypt in 6 Days

Day 1: Giza

How to reach Giza?

Take a taxi from the Cairo International Airport to Giza.

What to see in Giza?

  • The great pyramid of Giza
  • Sphinx of Giza
  • Red Pyramid
  • Pyramids of Dashur
In front of the pyramid – The experience is AMAZING! You have to be there in person to feel this.


  • Camel ride
  • Local food

Where to stay in Giza?

Pyramids Loft Homestay

Details trip plan in Giza

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Day 2: Cairo

How to reach Cairo?

Take an Uber from Giza to reach Cairo

What to see in Cairo?

  • Egyptian Museum
  • Tahrir square
  • Al-Azhar mosque
  • Al-Hussain Mosque
  • Al-Azhar park
  • Khan el Khalili market
The museum in Cairo is highly impressive

Where to stay in Cairo?

Pension Roma

Details trip plan in Cairo

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Day 3, 4: Aswan

How to reach Aswan?

Take a flight from Cairo International Airport

What to see in Aswan?

  • River Nile
  • Temple of Philae
  • Aswan city center
  • Unfinished obelisk (I didn’t have time to go there)
  • Abu Simbel (If you have an extra day in hand, it’s a lengthy day trip)
Temple of Philae in Aswan

Where to stay in Aswan?

Nubian Holiday House Aswan

Where to eat in Aswan?

El Masry

Details trip plan in Aswan

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Day 5, 6: Luxor

How to reach Luxor?

Take a train from Aswan

What to see in Luxor?

  • Luxor Temple (East Bank)
  • Temple of Hatshepsut (West Bank)
  • Valley of Queens (West Bank)
  • Valley of Kings (West Bank)
  • Hot-Air Balloon Ride (West Bank)
  • Luxor Museum (East Bank)
Karnak temple in Luxor – nothing like this!

Where to stay in Luxor?

Nubian Holiday House

Here are the top hotels in the East bank of Luxor

Here are the top hotels in the West bank of Luxor

Where to eat in Luxor?

  • 1886 Restaurant (Fine dining)
  • Sofra Restaurant & café (Mid-range)
  • Aisha Restaurant (Mid-range)
  • Aboudi Coffee Break (Cheap eats)

Details trip plan in Luxor

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Important Points

  • This itinerary of Egypt covers four places of Egypt-based on my backpacking trip to Egypt.
  • This itinerary covers a lot of places and you can extend it to a couple of weeks if you want to experience a relaxed one
  • Although it might seem rushed to some people I discussed with, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and covered most of the bucket list items in Egypt
  • I have an in-depth description of each of the places mentioned below; I have added links for those places.
  • Before visiting Egypt, make sure you have travel insurance. It’s not only for Egypt but for every place you go. If you cannot afford a 50 to 100 dollar insurance, you should not travel. Do I sound harsh? Even if I, you will thank me one day! If you are not sure about where to do the insurance, I suggest taking it from World Nomads. They are specialized in travel insurance and cover a lot of areas including different types of adventure activities.

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