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Bagan Temples

It’s a shame that I did not know about Bagan although I live not too far away from there. Bagan is an ancient archaeological complex in the Mandalay district of Myanmar (Burma). The city was the capital of Pagan kingdom during the 10th century.

There are tons of pagodas dotted randomly in the complex. It’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are over 2000 pagodas are there near the bank of Irrawaddy river. Most of the temples were constructed between the 11th to 13th century.

I took an electric bike and drove on my own. It’s fine if you want to follow a map, but my suggestion would be to get lost amongst these temples. At one point of driving through the ruins, I felt like; I was in another universe surrounded by aliens!

Such intricacy and ornaments – Ananda Temple
Did an elephant volunteer its teeth for building this? What about the clouds?
Thatbyinnyu Temple, Bagan, Myanmar
Thatbyinnyu Temple, Bagan, Myanmar
Want to ring a bell? A temple in Bagan where a bell is placed
Shwesandaw Pagoda, Bagan
Shwesandaw Pagoda, Bagan
This time, it was a white one, seems like made of pearl
Close look at Sulamani Temple, Bagan
Before entering to the main complex, you will cross doors and a new beauty will unfold in front of your eyes (Sulamani Temple, Bagan)
Sulamani Temple, Bagan
Sulamani Temple, Bagan
A gate for entering into a temple – there are 2200 of them
If you climb up, you will see this – but all are different
Side view of a Golden Buddha – you will see this inside of temple
The Golden Buddha – you will see a lot of statues of his holy highness
Don’t sit here, please
Getting on top of temples will give you a panoramic view

When you are in Bagan, you should not miss watching the sunrise and sunset from top of the temples.

If you are not tight on budget, then you can enjoy a hot-air balloon ride.

In my view, Bagan is highly underrated. I didn’t find a lot of people there when I visited. However, go there before the tourists go. And the day is tomorrow, if not today!

Top temples in Bagan

While it is very difficult to choose a bunch of them, you should not miss the following:

  • Ananda Pahto
  • Thatbyinnyu Pahto
  • Sulamani Pahto
  • Dhammayangyi Pahto
  • Shwesandaw

Best temple to watch sunset

  • Pyathada Paya
  • Buledi pagoda

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