Singapore at night

Every city looks different during day and night. Singapore is no exception – or, I would say, Singapore looks more beautiful during night time comparing to day time.

The main attraction of Singapore during night time is the Marina Bay Sands – it’s a ship shaped skyscraper which is a resort and facing towards the Marina bay.

I started my night journey from the Gardens by bay – which is a mighty impressive garden near to the marina sands bay. From there, I captured this view of the ferries wheel named Singapore Flyer.

I kept walking towards the front of the Marina bay sands. There I enjoyed the light and water show. It is called Spectra and free of cost. You need to make sure that, you go there on time to get a good view of the show. This 15 minutes orchestral show will tell you the story of Singapore.

Once I am done enjoying the light and water show (which I enjoyed but didn’t understand properly to be honest 🙂 ), I started walking. Suddenly I saw a boat in a jetty which was about to start it’s journey for a night tour. Without thinking much, I hoped in to one. It costs me SGD 25.

The river cruise will take you to different places and an audio commentary will be given. You will learn how a sleepy village turned into a modern city over the past several decades. The cruise operates in such a way that, you will see the skyscrapers of Singapore from different angles. I could see different side of Marina Sands Bay. Interestingly a laser was emitting in different colours and beam was pointing towards different angles.

The boat will stop in several jetties. You can choose to get down if you want to. Alternatively, some people will also embark in the boat.

If you fancy to have a posh dinner by the bay, you can choose to hop out in the Clarke Quay. It’s a great place where you will find a lot’s of high end restaurant.

My wallet was thin, so, I decided to continue my journey. After about 30 minutes, the cruise ended. I keep continuing my walk and my neck started to hurt seeing the skyscrapers.

Overall, I spent about 4 hours out there and at 10:00 PM, I decided to have a dinner in a cheaper place.

How is your night experience in Singapore? What did you enjoy most there?

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