Coral View Island Resort in Perhentian Islands

Where to stay in Perhentian Islands?

After several hours of journey by plane, car, and boat, we have finally arrived in the Perhentian Islands from Kuala Lumpur. All our tiredness evaporated to see a glimpse of this beautiful island from far away. When the captain of the boat asked me which island am I going to go, I got confused. “Perhentian Island” was my response. Well, there is an “s” at the end of the island. Yes! There are two parts of the Perhentian Islands.

  • Pulau Perhentian Kecil
  • Pulau Perhentian Besar

Pulau means island in Malay. So, we can say that there are two parts in Perhentian – Kecil and Besar.

Besar is in the east and bigger of the two.

Kecil is in the west and smaller of the two.

So, the big question is, which island is suitable for you? What can you expect from each of the island?

A series of hotels in the narrow strip of sands in Pulau Besar in Perhentian Islands

In one sentence, Besar is for travelers with family, and Kecil is for the backpackers. Besar has almost no party life during the nighttime. It is calm and quiet. On the other hand, Kecil is good for parties and nightlife.

Although the Perhentian Islands are not cheap compared to other southeast Asian destinations, there are some lodges in Kecil which are more budget-friendly.

On the other hand, Besar has some nice but expensive hotels.

Glimpse of a list of hotels from the boat

None of the islands has continuous electricity, ATMs, or robust internet. Be prepared to be disconnected from the world as long as you stay there. But who needs the internet there? Wonderful nature will surround you and you can forget about the internet completely!

I have listed below hotels based on my stay, reviews in TripAdvisor, and the internet. I hope that you will choose a hotel from the list given below.

Where to stay in Perhentian Besar

  1. Coral View Island Resort (Yellow)
  2. Tuna Bay Island Resort (Red)
  3. The Barat Perhentian (Black)
  4. Perhentian Island Resort (Purple)
  5. Flora Bay Resort (Blue)

Where to stay in Perhentian Kecil

  1. Bubu resort perhentian island (Red)
  2. Mimpi Perhentian (Yellow)
  3. Perhentian Troipicana Inn (Black)
  4. Ombak resort (Purple)
  5. Senja Bay resort (Blue)

My suggestion will be not to go for any expensive hotel in the resort because you will –

  1. Spend most of your time outside
  2. Not get electricity in your room most of the time
  3. See lizards regardless of the amount you pay
  4. Experience a lot of mosquitos
  5. Not get the high standard considering the price you are paying
You will be among nature. The bananas are hanging just out of the room

Where did you stay in the Perhentian Islands? How was your experience?

NB: The photo in the cover photo of this writeup is of Coral View Island Resort

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