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Tips for Visiting Perhentian Islands

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  1. Buy as many dry foods as possible from Kuala Besut. Foods are expensive in the Perhentian Islands.
  2. There is no ATM booth in the Perhentian Islands. Bring enough cash with you.
  3. Talking about cash – Perhentian Islands is a paradise for scuba diving. So, you might want to do it again and again.
  4. Bring mosquito repellents with you, there are plenty of mosquitos in the islands.
  5. You might not be able to use the internet – WiFi is weak here. Let your friends and relatives know about it beforehand.
  6. The electricity is limited. It might not be a bad idea to bring a Kindle with you to read at night.
  7. While returning from the Perhentian Islands, inform your hotel or tour operator a day earlier so they can book your return arrangement.
  8. If you are bringing your family and want to enjoy the quietness, stay in Besar.
  9. If possible, travel light and don’t bring a suitcase. Also, wear shorts with slippers. When the boat will drop you off the island, you might need to walk in the water for 2 minutes.
  10. There is no hospital on the island. If you have a physical condition, make sure that you will be fine without emergency medical attention. You can bring basic first aid boxes with you in case you suffer minor injuries.

Enjoy your time in Perhentian islands!

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