Bird’s Eye View of Kelingking Beach


When I saw the photo of this T-Rex for the first time in my life, that’s what came out of my mouth. I decided on that very moment that, I have to go there.


That’s what came out of my mount when I finally went there! It was more beautiful than the photo I saw.

I was on the top of the cliff. The green ocean was thumping into the T-Rex. The carpet of green was kissing the T-Rex deeply. On its feet, a stretch of golden sand beach was inviting like a magician hypnotizes it’s the audience. I touched my eyes a couple of times – maybe I was daydreaming. Oh wait, I saw just two big manta rays swimming under the sea. The water was so crispt, I could see them from so far away. And, that wind, that purest, refreshing wind.

I read somewhere about the stairways to heaven. I found a stairway there, too, it was made of mud, supported by the bamboos. Moreover, it was not going up, it was going down. So, was I, like a magnet attracts iron, the ocean was attracting me.

The more I was going down, the more I was loosing myself. Where should I look at? To the top or to the bottom?

I was perplexed, I was happy, I was over the moon smelling the ocean, touching the wind, living the moment.

Where is it?

Nusa Penida, Indonesia.

How to reach there?

It’s easy to go there from Bali, Indonesia.

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