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Approaching Towards Paro Airport

Bhutan is a small landlocked country in South Asia in Eastern Himalayan region. It is a mystical country and different from any traditional country. Landing via a plane in Bhutan is an exciting affair. You will get a glimpse of how does it feel to approach towards Paro Airport in Bhutan from this video.

Landing in Paro Airport in Bhutan

Bhutan is a mystic place, a land of the thunder dragon. The only international airport there is Paro Airport. It is a small airport where it’s national carrier Drukair (Royal Bhutan Airlines) operates. Only a few pilots of the world know how to land an aircraft in this beautiful airport. I made this video while Drukair was descending to Paro – just a moment before it’s landing.

Do you know that Bhutan is a carbon-negative country? It means that it produces more oxygen than it emits carbon. If it does not convince you to read my post, the greenery of this video might do it! See above to know how does a landing in the Paro Airport feel like.

How to go to Bhutan?

There is only one carrier in Bhutan namely Drukair. Drukair has scheduled flight from the following destinations to Paro International Airport (PBH).


  1. Bagdogra (IXB)
  2. Delhi (DEL)
  3. Guwahati (GAU)
  4. Kolkata (CCU)
  5. Mumbai (BOM) (Seasonal)
  6. Gaya (GAY) (Seaonal)


  1. Dhaka


  1. Bangkok (BKK)


  1. Singapore (SIN)


  1. Tokyo Narita (NRT)

United Arab Emirates

  1. Dubai (DXB)

How to buy a ticket of Drukair?

If you search your ticket to the traditional ticket booking website like Expedia, or Orbitz, you won’t find the route to Bhutan.

You have to search your ticket to the official website of Drukair.

Permissions for entering in to Bhutan

All the citizens except Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivians need a prior clearance before entering Bhutan. One cannot apply for the clearance by himself, he needs to go through a licensed Bhutanese tour operator or a foreign travel agent.

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