Which destinations do you prefer to go? Do you love cities over villages? Do you like architectures over cultures? Do you prefer mountains over beaches? Do you like to attend a lively party over a cold night under a sky full of stars? Do animals fascinate you? Or, underwater creatures? Do you want to experiment with new food? Do you want to try new languages?

Ever wondered, you might go somewhere to enjoy the beauty of a landmark, and you might find a friend on the road with whom you spent more time that in the ruins. When you will pack your bag and travel all over the world, you will have all of of experience. You will know that, every place has something interesting and amazing things to offer, every corner of the earth has a story to tell. Every human – black or white, Christian or Muslim, Asian or European share the same color of blood, stink when they sweat, get hungry when they do not take food, cries when they are in pain and laughs when they are happy. Still they are unique, they are different from each other.

Here, in A Walk in the World blog, you will find those travel stories which will make you leave your house and see the world. For your convenience, I have put a list of the destinations I wrote about. I have put each country categorised by their continents. Browse each of them, read the stories, see the photos and plan for your next trip. If you have already been there, relive your memories so that you can visit there once again.

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

Ibn Battuta, the great Moroccan traveler

African Destinations

Asian Destinations