My love-hate moments in Maldives

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My love-hate moments in Maldives Never in my life, I went through so much of mixed emotions in 2 days during a travelling. I was just middle of a trip from beautiful Sri Lanka and landed in Maldives for two nights before moving to my next destination of the trip.

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  • Immigration officer – I believe, they are not much used to see a lot of backpackers with a Bangladeshi passport. Several of them was called for by the officer in charge to investigate my arrival. On top of asking countless questions, they were flipping my passport pages. The visas on my passport were not common to them, what is a “Schengener Staaten”? Then, they found a familiar visa – a visa of Singapore, which saved my day :-).
  • I knew that, I could take a bus from the airport to reach my hotel in Hulhumale. When, I went out of the airport, I tried to find the bus stoppage. I spent about 40 minutes without any luck. It was totally confusing – nobody had a clue about it and there was no information about it anywhere!
  • I was travelling on a budget – I was in-fact backpacking. I didn’t see a single person in the airport who seemed to do the same. Everyone was on a vacation or on a honeymoon, had a chartered boat or a luxurious resort booked. When, I was looking for the bus, I saw those lovely couples being greeted by the people from resorts and was navigating towards private boats. You can call me jealous, but, I simply hated those moments and found myself not fit for the country.
  • I saw dead fish in the harbour – it tells a very short story of pollution in the water of Maldives.fullsizeoutput_dba
  • I felt down because of the fear of the notion that, Maldives is expensive and I am gonna loose a lot if I want to do anything other than roaming around with my bag.
  • When, I was in the town, I was looking to go to some nice resorts as a day trip. However, I couldn’t do it as they were (relatively) expensive. However, I am pretty sure, if I had someone with me, I must had gone there – all I needed was some little influence, courage and push (to spend some additional bucks) – unfortunately, there was none with me!
  • Male is the capital of Maldives. And, it was a small capital – only about five square kilometres in size. I navigated it couple of times, as I didn’t have any better things to do (I have placed it in the love section, too as I could feel the vibe of the street).fullsizeoutput_dbf
  • I am from a warmer part of the world. However, the heat in Maldives made me sweat. It became so intensive at one point of the day that, I had to come back to hotel to take a shower and a nap in AC. This is something which is rare for me during a trip.
  • Male is cramped with people, about 1,40,000 people live in 5 square kilometres. It was pretty dirty and chaotic with narrower roads, reckless motorcycles. There were some factories and workshops there, too.fullsizeoutput_dbd
  • Maldives looks great from the outside and it is indeed beautiful. However, you will see the flip side of the coin if you don’t only go to the resorts and spend some time in the cities. You can hear voices of many workers who are living a not-so-good life there and counting their days to get back to home.fullsizeoutput_da1
  • You can hardly find any tree in the city.
  • A feeling that, due to the stupidity of mankind, this island nation might go under water in several years.

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  • . The colour of the water – the shades can be countless.fullsizeoutput_dd0
  • The runway of the airport itself is wonderful, just imagine a stretch of road surrounded by the sea.fullsizeoutput_128c
  • It was bright and sunny for me for the most of the times in Maldives. I sang till the heat outsmarted me during the day.
  • The moment and 5 minutes after take-off as well as landing was breathtaking – you will see dots of islands in the bottom and will utter a definite wow looking into those!fullsizeoutput_1288
  • The typical Maldivian breakfast made from coconut. I can still feel those in my tongue when I close my eyes.
  • Bangla/Bengali is my mother language (and the only language I know 🙂 ) – wherever I went into the city I heard this language. Later, I found that, a significant portion of Bangladeshis live there as workers.
  • You gotta love the schools and children parks of Maldives, those are colourful indeed!fullsizeoutput_dcb
  • A poster of the newly planned currency of Maldives made my night. It truly represents the culture of the island country.  Those were really amazing!fullsizeoutput_dcc
  • You can’t simply miss the President’s jetty, it indeed looked like a jetty made for President. It looks different during the night, so don’t forget to take a look at it during the night. fullsizeoutput_dbc
  • Whenever, you will hop into the public ferry, you will see beautiful surroundings amidst water everywhere. The journey itself is more beautiful than the destination at times. fullsizeoutput_d93
  • I had the pleasure of meeting an eccentric traveller from Slovenia. He had visited about 150 countries in the world in his 50 years life. He did not have any smartphone, any camera, any laptop, or even any Facebook account. He never booked any hotel prior to arriving somewhere, can’t formulate a sentence without a slung, and who believes that, a family + children can be the biggest pain in the ass of humankind. So, he never married(which opened the window for him for sleeping with 1000 women all over the world). He did not even want to tell him name, I spent a good 8 hours with him and passed some great time.
  • There is a nice mosque in the town, you will not miss it if you walk in the city.fullsizeoutput_da5
  • Amazingly cheap(and tasty) foods from the nameless restaurants. If you can ignore the grim atmosphere inside, it will give you huge reward. Do not miss the lentil with fish or meat.
  • I loved to see the aeroplanes to land from a close distance. It will seem at a point that, the plane will land in the water – which is not the case eventually. However, it will not refrain you from having goosebumps.  fullsizeoutput_2541
  • It’s amazing to see so much water everywhere – you can walk in any direction and you will be able to see water in front of your eyes.
  • The moment, you will get out of the airport, you will know that, you are in somewhere special!fullsizeoutput_dd2
  • Male is the capital of the Maldives. And, it’s small – only about five square kilometres in size. I navigated it couple of times, as I didn’t have any better things to do(I have placed it in the hate section, too as it became monotonous at some point).
  • I loved to see some big ships in the bay during the sunset. The atmosphere was completely different from the time when I was navigating in the city. fullsizeoutput_da0
  • Money exchange in the airport exactly returned me the amount against Maldivian Rupiah. At first, he returned me the amount in dollar, then, he gave me some coins of Maldivian Rupiah as it did not cover any dollar value.
  • And, I found this old, gem of a car in the town! I don’t know anything about a car, but, I truly believe that, some of my readers will be able to identify this gem and can say something great about it. Till then, I am signing off 🙂fullsizeoutput_dc3

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Fuad Omar

Fuad Omar

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  • Darlynne

    What an experience! You never know who you will meet when travelling.

    June 29, 2017 at 7:48 pm