A day in Budapest

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A day in Budapest

Budapest is a huge city, you can’t see it in a day. However, if you are cramped with time (like me, when I went there), I have an itinerary for you. I am giving it exactly as I did.

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and one of the largest European cities. There is underground metro system for part of the town. There is an extensive tram system in the city, though. Budapest is divided mainly in the two parts.

Pest is the newer part of the city having metro rail and airport. Buda is the older part of the city having the beautiful Buda castle. Buda is not plain and set on a hilly area. The Danube river bi-sected these two cities. Buda and Pest are connected with numerous bridges, including the famous Chain Bridge.

I came to Budapest by train from Hannover, Germany. I decided to stay somewhere near the metro station. So, I decided to book a hotel in the Pest side of the Budapest.

After a bit of research I decided to stay in Hotel SasOne. It was just three hundred meters from the metro named “Deák Ferenc tér”, reasonable in price and had a good review in tripadvisor. I didn’t regret staying there, a basic hotel with a reasonable breakfast.

I started the morning on foot. I walked toward the famous Chain bridge which was about seven hundred meters from my hotel. When I reached near the bridge, I realised, how majestic and gorgeous the bridge was! It looked different from different angles and places.


A view from Pest

I crossed the bridge on foot. In 30 minutes, I reached to the Buda part of town, which is hilly and beautiful.There, the famous Buda castle stood still. You can take a vernacular railway to go on of top it.


Vernacular railway

As, it was not free, we decided to walk. I turned right from the chain bridge and found a stairs to reach to the top. From there, I looked into the place from where I came some moments earlier. The bridge, people, tourists, buses, trams and the parliamentary building – almost everything of the Pest appeared in front of my eyes. A lot’s of boats in different colours was sailing in the Danube.


I am on top in Buda right now

I continued to explore the surroundings and stepped into the Buda castle (which was completely free). I found several museums there. Apart from the architecture, statues, grand staircases, and gigantic rooms, the complex looked even more beautiful with the colourful flowers. I even saw some flowers which I thought as Cherry.



After exploring the castle, we came down. There were right in front of the castles, where you can sit and take rest. Just behind the benches, there is a tram line, you can see them passing by frequently.


Our next destination was Gellert Hill and Statue. On our way to it, we found a beautiful colourful park, where the children were playing. I thought of joining with them, and realised that I got too old.


When, we reached to the Citadel, we got a beautiful view of the town. It was top on the hill. We found the place as vibrating, lot’s of things were going on. Some people were showing magic tricks, some wereplaying musics. There were tons of lovelocks in a fence.


We went down through a narrow path, took a thousands of photos of the bridges and the town around and started to go to the Pest part through the bridge.


Overlooking Pest from the hill of Buda

When, we reached to the bridge, we took a left turn. There we found the famous Shoes on the Danube Promenade Memosial. It was made for the memory of the Jews who were killed during the second world war. The victims were ordered to take off their shoes. They were killed at the edge of river. Their bodies were carried away by the Danube river. The memorial reminds us that, their shoes were left behind when they killed and it stayed there for the eternity.


Shoes on the Danube memorial

We walked further that road, and found the Parliament Bsilding, which I saw earlier from the Buda part of the town. This parliament building is valued at 3 million euro and it sounded underpriced to me! It was huge and spectacular. However, it’s true beauty can be enjoyed more during the night.

When, we were done with the parliament building, we head towards the Heroes’ Square. It was more than 3 km from the parliament building so we decided to take the metro. The nearest metro from the parliament was Kossuth Lajos tér(M2 line/red line). We had to change at Deák Ferenc tér. We took M1 line/blue line toward Mexikói út M and got down at Hősök tere. From there, it was a short walk to the square. It was vibrant with people and obviously a busy as well as important part of the town.  You will find Museum of Fine Arts on the left and Palace of Art in the right hand side of this square. It acted as an important place for gathering and protest  for the people of Budapest.


Heroe’s Square

From the heroe’s square, I took a metro and came to the beautiful part of the town, near the chain bridge. You will find how I enjoyed the night in Budapest from this story.

In between, I did not want to miss the vibe of the main railway station of Budapest!



I visited –





How did it go with you? Did you enjoy your trip to Budapest?

Fuad Omar

Fuad Omar

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