Does ATM machine work in Myanmar?

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Does ATM machine work in Myanmar?

Myanmar is a wonderful country, however, it is opening up recently. That is why I was not so comfortable about currency exchange through ATM before visiting there.

When I called my bank here in Bangladesh to inquire about my card, they said that, it might not work there. When I asked why, they informed me that, Myanmar is under their “sanctioned country list”.

My bank was Standard Chartered and it was a Visa credit card issued by them.

When I landed in Yangon International Airport, after passing through the immigration, I headed straight and found some money exchanges, a small shop for selling the SIM of Telenor Myanmar and…some ATM booths!

As soon as I saw the booths, I took my Visa card from my pocket, inserted it to the ATM machine(and started to pray). To my surprise it could recognise me and gave me some 10,000 Kyat notes.

In brief:

1. My Visa card worked in the ATM of Yangon International Airport.
2. I saw booths of MasterCard there but didn’t try.
3. I did not see any booth of Amex.

However, there is one little thing worth mentioning here. Whenever, you will withdraw money from the ATM booth in Myanmar, they will deduct 6000 Kyat. It means that, you will loose over US$ 5 each time you will withdraw from ATM. And, you can withdraw 2,00,000 on a single go.

So, it is better to use ATM machine if you want to withdraw a bigger amount, otherwise you better go to a money exchange.

[This is based on my trip during July, 2016]

Fuad Omar

Fuad Omar