Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, a small country in the South Asia. Bangladesh is the eighth largest country according to population. Let's explore the 10 best tourist places in Dhaka.

Bangladesh Parliament

Shaheed Minar: Memoirs of Language Movement

In 1952, when Bangladesh was part of Pakistan, the Pakistanis wanted to make Urdu as the national language of Bangladesh. The Bangladeshis protested this and got killed. They are the only nation to sacrifice their life for their language.

Ahsan Manzil: The Grand Palace in Dhaka

During the British Raj, Ahsan Manzil was the residence of the Nawabs - the largest Muslim landlords of Dhaka. Located in the bank of Buriganga river, Ahsan Manzil has been converted into a museum and an iconic architecture in Bangladesh.

Lalbag Killa: An Unfinished Fort from the 16th Century

Azam Shah, the son of the great Mughal emperor Aurangzeb started the construction of Lalbag fort in 1678. Later Mr. Shah was replaced by Shaista Khan. Sadly, the daughter of Shaista Khan died here and he stopped the work of this fort citing it cursed.

Curzon Hall: A Historical Place in Dhaka

Curzon hall is a set of ancient buildings which has been turned into classrooms of Dhaka University. The campus, architecture and a pond at the backyard give you enough reasons to visit there. The Language movement of 1952 started near this place.

Aparajeyo Bangla: A Fantastic Sculpture

Aparajeyo Bangla - the unvanquished Bengal, is a significant sculpture in Bangladesh. You can see three characters side by side. Two males are carrying arms and are joined by a girl with a first aid box in her hand. This is how, the Bangladeshis fought the war together in 1971.

Martyred Intellectuals Memorial: A Sad Chapter in the History

A day before surrendering after loosing the war of 1971, the Pakistanis made a list of the most talented persons of Bangladesh - the renowned teachers, doctors, engineers, writers, journalists, took them to this place and killed them all together.

Armenian Church: Isn't Armenia far away from Bangladesh?

You will find a gorgeous church in the middle of the town built by the Armenians. They came to Dhaka during the seventeenth century and many of them started living as their leathers and jute businesses flourished. They left but the church reminds their memories.

Tara Masjiid: A marvellous Mosque

Dhaka is a city of Mosques. You will find one in almost every corners. The Tara Masjid - the Star Mosque is a special one because of its beauty. This Mughal style mosque was built in the 19th century. You will find small stars on top of the pure white walls of the mosque.

Liberation War Museum: Shed of Tears

Bangladesh fought an unequal war in 1971 where nearly 30 million people died. The Liberation War Museum preserved the photos of the war alongside the newspaper clipping. When you will visit all the four galleries of this museum, you heart is bound to get heavier with sorrow.

Sunset in Buriganga River: A Lively Experience 

Buriganga is for Dhaka like the Thames is for London. Sadly, the greed of the people almost killed this river with pollution. Saying so, you should visit this place to enjoy the fantastic sunset and experience and unbelievably vibrant area.