Where to stay in Perhentian Island?

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Where to stay in Perhentian Island?

Whenever I go to somewhere, I try to book hotel online ahead of time.

This is mainly because –

  • I don’t want to waste any time looking for hotel in an unknown place
  • I don’t want to get any surprise about my budget, which is controllable if I book ahead
  • I can’t enjoy a city until I leave my backpack in a hotel after a long flight

Unfortunately, when I was searching my hotel in my popular booking platforms Agoda and Booking.com regarding Perhentian Island, I could not find a lot of options and most of the was sold out. So, I decided to make an exception this time and try my luck by going to the island. Hence, I made a mistake – as I ended up wasting about 3 hours there. I would suggest you to book ahead if you go there in a peak season.

Let me try to give you an idea of the island. There are actually two main parts of the island where you can stay.

  1. Pulau Perhentian Kecil aka Small Perhentian Island
  2. Pulau Perhentian Besar aka Big Perhentian Island

Perhentian Kecil:

This island is popular to the backpackers, you will be able to find cheap accommodations with very basic facilities like fan, net, shared bathroom.

This island can be divided into two popular segments to stay.

  • Long Beach: This is the heart and busiest part of the Perhentian Island. If you like crowd and nightlife, this must be your choice.
  • Coral Bay: This part of the island is comparatively calm and quite. You will find several hotels to stay in a short stretch of beach. Shari-la Island Resort is the most beautiful(and expensive) of the lot. U heard many good things about Ombak, too. You will find the best diving school – Quiver in this part.

Perhentian Besar:

This is the bigger island. Mostly, people with family stays here. Hotels here are more comfortable with more options like air conditioning system, acceptance of credit card and so on. However, you need to pay more comparing to the hotels of Kecil – and it should make sense with the increased facility. If it is a peak season and you are not lucky, you won’t be able to find any accommodation in Kecil and you need to head towards this part of the island. Keep in mind that, night life is limited here and if you want to head towards Long Island of Kecil, you need to pay RM 20, both way(RM 40 after 7:00 PM).

Where did I stay?


I stayed in the Coral view resort. We were three in numbers and paid RM 265 per night for a triple bed, air-condition room, and a private bathroom. Although there were some niggles in the bathroom, we were okay with it. The settings of this hotel was beautiful and you can pay your bill through credit card or book online through Agoda. There were multiple chairs outside in the beach for the boarders where you can relax seeing the ocean. There was no wi-fi available in the room.

However, I would not recommend not to take any food from here as it can be expensive. Just walk 50 meters, and you will find Mama’s place, which served good food in lesser price.

There is a hotel just in front of the jetty named Perhentian Island resort, which was right beside our hotel. The front beach of this hotel was simply superb!

If you wan’t to save some money, you better buy some bottle of waters and light snacks from the Kuala Besut jetty before going to Perhentian island.

One thing worth mentioning that, Perhentian Island is in a remote place, you will not even find mobile network inside a room. So, don’t expect much from a hotel here, the accommodations do not provide good value for money – but who cares when you can be amidst such beautiful nature!


Fuad Omar

Fuad Omar