5 reasons to fall in love with Perhentian Island

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5 reasons to fall in love with Perhentian Island

I simply loved Perhentian Island! And, I would love to go there again!

Crystal clear water:

On a sunny day, you can see almost everything under the water in Perhentian. The water can have many shades and it looks beautiful.



Beautiful surroundings:

I love nature and it looked like a heaven to me. Green hills, along with the sea made the island look like a gem.



Great Beaches:

So, you have got a beautiful surroundings with a crystal clear water infront of you. What else do you need? Yes, you are right! Beaches with pristine sand is there to lay your head on it and take a book with you to relax!



Scuba Diving:

If you are tired with the scenery above, it’s time to dive under the sea. Perhentian island is a great place to do Scuba Diving. If you don’t know how to dive, don’t worry at all. I did two discovery dive there for RM 500 with a great company named Quiver and it was amazing!




Perhentian Island is not big. It makes kayaking easier and fun. (If you have that stamina), you can go to different beaches with your boat. Needless to say about the moments when you stop doing anything to appreciate the surroundings.

One thing to keep in mind that, you need to start earlier where the tide will be there.




Fuad Omar

Fuad Omar