Night in Budapest

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Night in Budapest

I was tired after a whole day of walk in Budapest.

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and consists of two parts – ‘Buda’ and ‘Pest’. These two cities were divided by the Danube river. There are numerous bridges between these two cities. I was staying in Pest, and walked to Buda through the Chain bridge during the day. The gorgeous Buda castle was up in the hill. I didn’t take the vernacular train, I tried to explored the city by foot. These all made me tired and I was sitting in a chair right beside the Danube river overlooking the city – the bridges, castle, ships and people. It was near the shoes on the Danube river.  The sun was setting after another day of duty – the darkness started to take over. Still, I was seating in the chair, yawning.

All on a sudden, someone in the town pressed something(or may be it was programmed). The whole city lit up – literally everything. The endless number of bridges, street lights, the parliament building to my back – most importantly, my face! My ‘yawn’ turned into an excitement, and I stood up and started to walk.

I walked until I reached to the parliament building of Budapest. There is a saying that, about 1,000 people contributed in construction the construction. It took 40 million bricks, half a million precious stones, 700 architects and 40 kilograms of gold to build this gem containing 1100 rooms. It was big and beautiful. I tried to take a photo of the full front view of it – I had to move back so much that, I discovered myself on the road, still I could not make it. No wonder, it is valued at Euro 3 billion right now, to me, it should be priceless.


I left the parliament building, took a left turn and started to walk toward the chain bridge. The trace of weak light when I entered in the parliament building earlier disappeared. The artificial light took over the city. It was glittering in gold. An image of the whole parliament building was reflecting in the Danube river.


When, I reached at the Pest side of the bridge, I could see another big structure glittering in the horizon. Yes, it was the Buda castle. It was built in the 12th century and a UNESCO world heritage site. I went there during the daytime, but was speechless to see it in the night. I stood still and started to enjoy the other part of the town. Suddenly, I realised that, I could see the Liberty Statue from there, too.


I started to walk and I was at the Chain bridge in no time. It was lively with the transport going in either direction. I walked a bit, stopped, turned back, turned right, turned left, and started to walk again. The city was looking different from different angle. I continued my walk to Buda until I reached there. I turned right, and started walking. After a while, I could see the whole parliament building – glittering in gold.


Danube river was on fire, only the colour of the fire was yellow, the colour of the fire was golden. The colourful mirage of the parliament building, and countless bridges made me to stop, sit, and walk again and again. I was lot, I was overwhelmed, I realised that, it’s 11:30 PM, and I have to be back to my hotel. I went to the Heroes’ square for a brief amount of time, which itself was beautiful, too. Apart from that, I just roamed around the area around the chain bridge on the bank of Danube.


I had the fortune of going to several big cities. I must admit that, the scene of Budapest during night is the most memorable to me. The pearl of Danube surprised me with it’s ever changing colour at night, I must come here again to cherish my first love with the city.


Fuad Omar

Fuad Omar

A day in Budapest

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