My first few moments in Agra

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My first few moments in Agra My train Jaipur Agra Fort Shatabdi Express reached Agra fort rail away station at 10:40 in the morning from Jaipur. When I stepped out from the railway station, a fear gripped me. Maybe because, I didn’t have a good breakfast that morning? Or, I could not digest the dinner of last night properly resulting me in a bad sleep? Or, maybe, as soon as I stepped out of the train, one or two people started to chase me, shouting over each other to be introduced with me forcefully. It was alright till then, but, not when I stepped out of the railway station. More people joined with him and tried to knocked me down. It’s not that, I am not used to this type of situation as I am from the subcontinent, too. However, that morning in Agra, outside of the train station was not a good experience for me. I was carrying a big backpack with me – it contained all my belongings for my 17 days trip including my MacBook and DSLR camera. What I did, I walked pretty fast in whatever direction I could, my brain froze a little in the daylight(it sounds stupid to me right now, what could go wrong?). Then, I heard loud voices in the background with big laughter. Hey! Why are you taking the backpack with you? You can’t enter in the Agra Fort with that! Leave it to someone!

bande son rencontre avec joe black It made me even more nervous. What I wanted to do was to run from that part of the town.

watch Then came the three wheelers – the drivers started to offer me different stuffs. At that moment, I looked at the eye of a driver asked him if he could take me to Agra and how much would it cost. He mentioned something reasonable and I hopped into the three wheeler.

go here A deep breathe! A huge sigh of relief!

ü30 single party bonn Then, the driver started to talk, not in an aggressive tone, but, in a much friendly manner. He asked me from where have I come, my name and found a similarity between us, that’s religion! His name was Bali Muhammad.

here He offered me to take me to all the important places and he promised to do everything with 400 rupees. I agreed. He said that, I could not go inside Agra fort with the bag but I can leave it with him, he will take care of it! What?! Is there any other alternates? No!

It made me nervous again. I asked him to turn around and take me to the railway station. I saw a baggage storage room somewhere there. When, I went back there to leave my luggage, those set of people again started to approach me and bullied me for not listening to them.

However, I got much relieved to leave my belongings there, I even left my camera in the bag – of all the places in Agra – I only took a water bottle, my phone and the dollars that I brought for my entire tour with me.

I felt more relaxed, more comfortable since that moment.

Don’t laugh at this poor, nervous fella 🙂

Fuad Omar

Fuad Omar