A perfect homestay in Ella

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A perfect homestay in Ella

http://metodosalargarpene.es/ebioer/256 I didn’t have absolutely any idea about a place in this world named “Ella” a month ago and now I am in a quaint little railway station at 8:00 in the night all alone!

go site It was a cold night in December, 2015 and I just reached to the foreign soil of Sri Lanka 16 hours ago. To make the situation a bit worse, it started to drizzle in the cold. I, accompanied by my backpack, started to walk in dark with the help of my phone’s map.

source After a while, I realised that, I am going uphill in a narrow road solely depending on my gadget. At that point, I was not alone – a group of stray dogs started to accompany me. They didn’t like the intruder in their area, their barking broke the silence of the night. I started to become nervous and thought about running for a moment. My feeble lungs, which I pampered by seating on my chair, months after months, started to betray. Well, I could not blame anyone, after all, it was my idea!

http://boersenalltag.de/blog/blog-from/2013-04-01/ I opened my phone to see the update which was on the verge of death, I utilised much of it by taking photo on the road. It was showing that, I was almost there…and, it is pointing Idyll Homestay, my supposed to be home for the next couple of days. To my surprise, there was nothing there! What should I do now? I took a deep breath and went further up, then, further down, but darkness made it quite impossible to track anything. I found a home beside the street, decided to take his help and showed the name of accommodation. The gentleman gave me a smile took his phone and gave someone a ring. Right after 5 minutes, a motorcycle came to pick me up. Later, I found that, I was almost there, had it been a day, I could have found it easily.

watch That is the story of finding my perfect homestay in Ella – Idyll homestay.

http://camanual.com/"http:/camanual.com/due-date-filing-returns-audit-reports-extended-07-11-2017/" Rest of my stay was a story of hospitality!

click Idyll homestay is run by Anil and his wife Dhenu. There are couple of rooms, some are double and some are triple. There is attached toilet/bathroom with each one. The internet speed was the best among the ones I visited in subcontinent. Anil and Dhenu stays in the vicinity, you can call them anytime.

go to link In the morning, I removed the curtain and a big WOW came out of my mouth. It was an amazing scenery with green in the horizon with a glimpse of little Adam peak. Rays of sunshine mixed with the mist created a wonderful vibe. There were trees everywhere and the birds were chirping.

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follow url When, I went outside, I was hearing a thunderous sound. I was confused about the source of the sound. I thought that, a water tank might have been filled and the water is overflowing! How stupid I was! When, I walked a bit, I saw this. Do you know the source of the sound now?

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see url Just outside of the room, there is a common terrace with dining table. A yummy, delicious breakfast was served by Dhenu. You have to share the table with fellow travellers. You might not like it if you want a complete privacy, however it was one of the best part of the journey from me. I met with Amelia from US, Lauren from Australia and John and his fiancé from UK in the table. And, we had a lot of talk, fun and laughter.

I wanted to have a dinner with them, so I asked them if it was possible. Of course was the answer and I saw Anil sprinting away with his bike. Later, I realised that, he went out for shopping. I blamed myself for the trouble. When the dinner came, I thought for a moment, if I asked for a dinner and lunch together! There was more food than what I can consume for the night. I liked those typical Lankan food very much.

On the last day of my stay, it was raining pretty hard in the evening, and I could not go outside. During that time, Anil, knowing me a Computer Engineer, came to me and conveyed his disappointment about not having a website of his own. I gave it a thought, took a look at my watch and opened my laptop.

During the next day, Anil was standing right beside me and was telling that, I needed to leave, otherwise I would miss the train. I was hardly listening to him. Finally the moment came, I had to leave Anil’s home, I had to leave Ella, I was about to ride on the backseat of Anil’s bike. It not happen without drinking the coconut water of the tree in the premise.

Anil dropped me in the railway station with a shortcut, we hugged each other and I promised to come back there again. It made me sad to leave beautiful Ella and the hospitality of the wonderful family.

It made me a bit joyous that, I could pay them back a bit, with a website of Idyll Homestay.


Fuad Omar

Fuad Omar