A day in Singapore zoo

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A day in Singapore zoo

I landed in Singapore in the early morning. And, as always, I hit the road as soon as the metro opened in the morning. After a short visit in the botanical garden, I headed for the zoo. I took the suggestion of Google map and it guided me to take a bus. The bus stopped almost after 2 minutes(at least what I thought) and reached to the zoo after an eternity. I condole myself by saying that, at least I have had the opportunity of seeing the whole Singapore. It was intact not the case, but, the zoo was 18 KM from botanical garden which was quite far considering the size of Singapore and it took me more than an hour to reach there.


I purchased the ticket of the zoo using Klook which gave me some discounts. You have several options of buying the ticket of the zoo. You can buy ticket of the zoo, jurong bird park, night safari and river safari. You can buy them all, individually or in combination. I opted out for only zoo.


Singapore zoo is massive in size, it occupies 69 acres of space. The zoo is mostly open spaced and the animals are separated intelligently in different ways. If you want to spend time everywhere, you will need a whole day. Be aware of the heat if you are not used to it. There is a vehicle which runs all the day long. You can check if you ticket covers it, if yes, you can leverage it instead of walking for all the day. There are certain period of time, when the animals are fed. It can be a treat to watch – some are more exciting than the others.


When, I left the zoo in the evening, I was tired but excited – it will be on the top of my list if I visit Singapore again.

Oh, don’t forget to drink a lot of water there. You will be able to purchase food from the shops in the entrance. If you bring a bag like me, don’t worry, there is a locker to take care of it, too.

Happy zooing!


A crocodile is ready to take off from the ground!


Wise grandma


A little kangaroo

Fuad Omar

Fuad Omar