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Things to know and remember in Bagan

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Things to know and remember in Bagan

  • You must know cycling(if not motorcycling), otherwise you will loose the freedom of exploring the town. The best way to see Bagan is by Electronic bike.
  • You should carefully choose your e bike. As it is a battery driven vehicle, it can stop working if the quality is not good. It can leave you stranded out of nowhere with a heavy bike.
  • Rent for a bike is about 4000 to 6000 Kyat for a day.
  • In order to enter into Bagan you need to buy a ticket of 25,000 Kyats. It will be collected in a check post while entering into the town. The ticket is valid for 5 days. A checker checked the ticket on the last day of my stay in Bagan when I was leaving a temple. So, you should prepare to have 25,000 Kyat in your hand while entering into the town. fullsizeoutput_2415
  • You need to enter inside temple in bare foot. So, you should use a shoe/sandal which you can detach from your body easily and not expensive.
  • You should take plenty of water with you if you go there in summer. Don’t expect to find many shops in the middle of pagodas.
  • When, the bus from Yangon will leave you in the bus station, you will see plenty of people waiting to take you to your hotel. However, they can ask for a premium price as it is very early in the morning. Pretend to walk a bit further from the crowd and negotiate. It should be around 3000 to 5000 Kyat to go to your hotel in Nyaung U.
  • A taxi from your hotel to Nyaung U airport should be 4000 Kyat. Try to talk to a driver beforehand.
  • You should bring sunscreen if you go out for biking – it’s Asia and the sun can be ruthless.
  • There is ATM machine in Nyaung U incase you wan’t to withdraw your money.
  • Banks are closed on Saturday and Sunday, so you can’t exchange your currency on those two days (it’s obvious but I saw people banging their head on the door of banks).
  • It’s good to take an umbrella, you might experience a brief splash of shower.
  • In the popular pagodas, people might approach to you with souvenirs. If you do not want to buy anything, just smile and say no politely. They might not approach you further.


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