Pagodas to visit in Bagan

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Pagodas to visit in Bagan

It’s hard not to fall in love with pagodas in Bagan. Each one has it’s own charm. Some are bigger than others, some are architecturally different and some are so quite that you might think yourself as the only person in this earth.

Here goes some of the ones I liked with the most favourite of mine in the last:

  1. Ananda temple:

Built around 1100 AD, this enormous temple is pure class! This ivory coloured temple is a must see in Bagan.


One important thing is not to become confused to see the closed gate of the temple from far. I initially thought that, the temple is not opened when I visited. Later I found that, one of the gates was closed. So, you need to circle around to find the front gate. It was a pretty warm day, when I entered inside, my barren foot experienced some serious heat! I couldn’t stay in one single place and could stop only when I saw a tree. One can go inside the temple, however, it looks more majestic from outside. You will find a small market for selling stuffs, too. I tried to find a way to go on top of the roof but could not find any way.

2. Sulamani temple: 

From the entry gate to passageway to the temple itself – this was is another gem. First of all, it has a nice archway gate. The gate cuts a view of the temple, which is a good scenery. Then, you will see a pathway painted in white which leads to the temple.


There is a big golden Buddha statue inside. Besides, there is a nice compound. When I reached there, it started to drizzle. I could take a shade in the outside below an extended part of the temple.

3. Bulethi:

Wait! This is not Bulethi. This photo is taken from Bulethi! This temple is famous for observing sunset in Bagan. It has multiple levels, the top one will be pretty crowded before the sunset.  fullsizeoutput_21c3

If you want to grab your place on the top, you should go at least an hour before the sun sets. However, you should be able to find some vacant spaces in the lower levels, which also offers a good view. Bulethi is near to Sulamani temple if you can find a shortcut.  So, you can visit these two together.

How was the sunset scenery from me? Don’t ask me this because there was nothing called a (proper) sun on that day!

4. (My most favourite) Shwesandaw:

Yes! This was my favourite one in Bagan! There might be more spectacular temple than this but the experience it gave me was fantastic. When I went to the top of this temple around 12:00 PM, there was only one persons on top.


I got a side of the temple all alone. And, Oh my GOD! The scenery all around was breathtaking. I could see the hills and Irrawaty river in the horizon. May be because of the location, the wind was extremely strong. It was about to blow me away! I started to circle around and pressed the shutter of my camera frantically. I suddenly realised that, this is the moment I was looking for. I became a child all on a sudden. I went to the bottom level, circled around that too, went a step further down and did the same. I again went upstair and then to the top. And, I started repeating the same exercise. Then, I settled myself in a position and enjoyed the vastness and emptiness all together.

Life is short and life is beautiful!

Fuad Omar

Fuad Omar