My favourite restaurants in Langkawi

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My favourite restaurants in Langkawi

I and my wife were a bit tired after visiting Kilim Karst Geoforest park. We were dropped in the Langkawi town afterwards. We were pretty hungry and was looking for something to eat. We could not settle our minds for choosing a restaurant, so, we opted for some street foods. Naturally, it was not a grand lunch and we started to feel hungry after a while. During that time, we found “My French Factory”. It was a small restaurants. There was outside seating arrangements too. We had a sit there to look at the menus and decided to go inside. My toddler who was only 6 months fall asleep. A lovely lady from the shop came to us and suggested to put my son on a table :-). Then, we started to chat. Long story short, a French couple fell in love with the lovely little island and started a restaurant there. If my memory does not betray, the woman converted and was named Sumaiya. She was preparing my chocolate crepe and talking to me at the same time. She was telling that, Langkawi is changing pretty fast with lots of establishment and she is not liking it. However, the temptation of going to any unknown island whenever she gets bored is hard to overcome. She will be there as long as she likes(and make her friends jealous back home). When the food was served, I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of the food. It was my first crepe in my life, and I really liked it. It was a sweet one made of banana, Nutella, coconut and ice-cream. I wanted to taste the one with egg so badly, I had to convince my wife to take one for her(she was an observer till then). Needless to say, she got only a little portion of the second one.


I tried to convince Sumaiya to setup a restaurant here in Bangladesh(and allured about Cox’s Bazar, the longest sea-beach) in the world. She was such a wonderful lady – she didn’t say it a ‘no’, the answer was, ‘you never know’!

Those two crepe put a long lasting effect on me for the day, so, I decided to take anything with a French name. That is when, I found my second favourite restaurant, La Chocolatine. The interior of this restaurant was great and it had a spacious cozy environment. I saw several people to work with their laptops there. I was fascinated to see the showcase full of chocolates – I wanted to order everything! During that point, my wife intervened and cut down everything. So, I had to satisfied with a “Three layered chocolate cake”. It was so delicious that, I could overcome the angry eyes of my better half and ordered a second one. It would simply have been a crime to leave the restaurant without having the second one!

It would have been a crime to eat only one

I was preparing to order a third one but I had to stop – you might know by now who was responsible behind it!

How much did it cost me? It was about 40 ringgit (US$ 10) for two persons in each restaurants. And, I must say that, those two were the best investment in Langkawi for me. I could have stayed there to eat those foods regularly.

I am a sweet boy, am not I?

Fuad Omar

Fuad Omar

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