Baffled in Bangalore airport

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Baffled in Bangalore airport

I planned for a semi SAARC tour during December, 2015. As, I started from Dhaka, Bangladesh, I searched for some optimal air routes with best fare. I found out that, the most optimal routes to start would be to go to India through Kolkata, fly to Bengaluru in a domestic flight, see the town and head towards Sri Lanka and Maldives.

The route was Bangladesh -> India -> Sri Lanka -> Maldives -> India -> Bhutan -> Dhaka

This incident was during the very first part of my journey.

Entering into India through Kolkata was kind of boring, they just let me pass.

The exciting part began while I was leaving India to Sri Lanka through Bengaluru Airport. I thought, leaving within the visa period is always easy. However….

IA: So, are you from Bangladesh?

Me: Yes

IA: Do you speak in Hindi?

Me: No, we speak in Bengali, however, we understand a bit of Hindi.

IO: How?

Me: Because both of them came from the same cognitive root, I presume. Needless to say about the popular films of your country.

IO: You came to India yesterday and you are leaving India tonight. Why did you come to India for just a day?

Me: Because, I made a good travel itinerary that way, I am on for a vacation and I will be be coming back to Delhi in India in about 2 weeks.

IO: From where will you be back to India in 2 weeks?

Me: From, Maldives. I will be going to Maldives after my visit to Sri Lanka.

Some moment of pause. Then, he asked me to wait and brought another officer.

Now, there are two officers started to ask me questions.

IO 1 & IO 2: Why did you come to India?

IO 1 & IO 2: Why did you stay in India only for a day?

Me: I am on a vacation.

IO 1 & IO 2: Why did you come to Bengaluru?

Me: I am on a vacation.

IO 2 & IO 2: What are the places did you visit in Bangalore?

Me: (Some name of the places)

IO 2 & IO 2: Bengaluru is not a touristic place. Why did you come here?

Me: I am on a vacation, Sir.

IO 1 & IO 2: What is your profession?

Me: I am a computer engineer.

IO 1 & IO 2: Are you an IT professional?

Me: I am a programmer.

IO 1 & IO 2: Answer my question, are you an IT professional or not?

Me: You can say that.

IO 1 & IO 2: So, you came here for business, right(being an IT professional)?

Me: Businesses are closed on Saturday and Sunday, I came here on Saturday and leaving on Sunday. Besides, I am carrying only a backpack and a business meeting with a trousers with 8 pockets does not look promising.

IO 1 & IO 2: So, then, why did you come to India?

Me: !!!!!!

IO 1 & IO 2: You said that, you will come back again to India in New Delhi from Maldives, right?

Me: Yes, that’s the plan.

IO 1 & IO 2: (With big grin and wryly smile) There is no flight from Maldives to Delhi. Show me your tickets.

Me: (Bemused, handed it over to them)

IO 2 & IO 2: Oh! Why didn’t you tell me that, the flight from Maldives to Delhi is via Colombo! You said that, you will be coming to Delhi from Maldives, actually, you will be coming to Delhi from Colombo.

Me: (Scratching my head) Oh! Yes, Sir, sorry, it was my mistake. It’s not a direct flight, a connecting one, there is a 2 hours layover in Colombo. I should have told you about Colombo instead of Male.

IO 1 & IO 2: (More gibberish)

Then, after a discussion with each other in low voice, one of the officers left. And the other took about 5 minutes to check each page of my passport before put a stamp.

I ran like Usain Bolt to catch my flight!

So much to leave a (wonderful) country.

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Fuad Omar

Fuad Omar