4 hours in Kuala Lumpur

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4 hours in Kuala Lumpur

My flight from Langkawi to Dhaka had a layover of 90 minutes in Kuala Lumpur. One fine morning, I received a mail in my inbox, the subject was:


Well, what? My flight has been moved! Which date? What time? My heart sunk for a while. When I opened the mail, it was the starting lines:

Dear Valued Passenger,

Please be informed that Malindo Air OD2201 from LANGKAWI-KLIA on 24-MAY-2016, 1730hrs has been moved to OD2205 on 1355hrs.

Oh! So, the date was not changed, only the time. The plane from Langkawi will land at 14:55 now and the connecting flight to Dhaka is at 20:05. So, I have to wait 5 hours in the Kuala Lumpur airport. Okay, no big deal!

When I boarded into the plane to Kuala Lumpur from Langkawi, a part of my notorious mind started to play tricks with me.

We had the following conversation:

Notorious part:  Hey Fuad! What are you going to do in KL airport for 5 hours?! It’s a long time.

Goody boy part: It’s not actually full 5 hours, dear. I have to go through immigration and security checking, so, it is 4 hours at best.

Notorious part: Aha! 4 hours is not bad, either, does it? It will feel like eternity inside the airport! How many times can you go to the toilet to waste your time?

Goody boy part: But, what if the flight to KL gets delayed? What if I do not get taxi to reach to the airport  on time? What if there is traffic in the road? What if there is a long queue in the immigration?

Notorious part: Come on! What if this plane crushes and you die? What if…

Goody boy part: Stop it!

The plane landed on time in the Kuala Lumpur airport and before knowing anytime, I was out of airport by 15:15! I called a cab in Uber to go to the most famous destination in KL. Yes, you are right! It was Petronas Twin Tower, the largest twin tower in the world. And, it was pretty far from the airport. A whooping 55 KM. My Uber cab arrived in 2 minutes. A bald headed Malay gentleman, Zabri was my driver. The first question I asked was, if we could go to see the twin tower and come back to the airport on time. Thanks GOD, my driver did not understand English well, he just smiled and waved his heads toward all short of directions.

The road was empty and our car started to sprint. There were 4 marked lanes each side, one was reserved for the two-wheelers. It was not a plain road, because of the geography, there was ups and downs. The trees were aplenty and we saw some palm tree gardens on our way.


We reached to KL around 16:25. Our driver left us near the personas twin tower. During the one hour of journey, we talked a lot with each other and I started to like him. I asked Zamrbi if he could take me back to the airport and he nodded with a smile(as usual).

I was dropped at the back side of the tower. When, I started to approach toward it, I was gripped by excitement. This 88 floor, 450 meters high giant was a monster! A beautiful monster!

There was a good number of people sitting idle near the twin tower building. Almost everyone was taking selfie and photos of the building. There was a beautiful fountain there to give some more photo taking opportunities. I started to circle around and the shape started to change. It looked different than what we see from the distant. I went really close the the building and it looked like this.


I looked at my watch and called Zambri to pick me up. When we started, Zambri gave me a smile and asked “Airport”? Ahem! Where else? Don’t I need to catch a flight?

“Yes, to the airport, but before that, Putrajaya” – I was surprised by my response, must be my naughty part! Putrajaya is a planned city. As, Kuala Lumpur became over populated and congested, the seat of government was shifted to Putrajay in 1999. I could not resist myself to have a glimpse of the city before leaving Malaysia. When, the taxi started to move, I realised that, I didn’t take lunch and feeling pretty hungry. I asked for the help of Zambri. He stopped the car somewhere in the middle and we packed the following to eat:

  • Chicken rendang (my most favourite in Malaysia)
  • Nasi lemak (I like the dried fish and nut of this cuisine)
  • Mutton curry
  • Rice

We reached Putrajaya at 18:00. It was indeed a planned city! Everything was setup in a perfect backdrop. A bridge, a pink coloured mosque and the Perdana Putra – the office of the prime minister.

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These were plenty of backdrops for taking lunch, I found a clean place to sit(on a floor). When, I started to unpack the food, Zambri came up with a mat and offered us to sit on it. It was his prayer mat 🙂

We all started to take our lunch together at 18:15. The evening breeze was soothing and a lot of people was roaming around in the atmosphere.

We packed everything up and started our journey toward airport at 18:30. Zambri dropped us in the airport at 18:55, we said goodbye to him and promised to come back to this wonderful country once again!

P.S.: We could relax 10 minutes before boarding into the plane, only if I could know it earlier 😉

Fuad Omar

Fuad Omar