3 days in Langkawi

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3 days in Langkawi

Day 1


You can start your Langkawi trip with island hopping. For most of the cases it lasts for half a day. Almost every island hopping tour runs twice a day, one in the morning(starts at 9:30 AM, pickup at 9:00 AM) and the another in the evening(starts at 2:30 PM, pickup at 2:00 PM).

During this tour, you will be boarded in a boat with engine. Although the sound of it can be annoying, you will soon be amazed by the scenic beauty in both sides and forget it. If you do not hire a private tour, you will be accompanied by other tourists. The boat will stop in different islands(3 to 4) and give you opportunity to explore it. There will be a given fixed time, you have to come back to the boat during that time. The boat might leave you if you are not on time.

The most notable of the islands is the Island of pregnant maiden.

Where can you book the tour? There are plenty of shops in Pantai Cenang area. You can negotiate your price there, however, it is best to validate their reviews in web, particularly in Tripdadvisor. Make sure that, they will pick you from your hotel, otherwise you might need to incur a taxi fee which is not a trifle amount.

Total time needed:  5 to 6 hours including transfer


Ask your island hopping tour operator to drop you in the Underwater World Langkawi. It is not as good as other options nearby, like the SEA aquarium in Singapore, however, it’s worth a visit if you are a first timer or have kids with you. It closes at 6:00 PM, so you probably will have two and a half hours in your hand to explore it.

I purchased my ticket from MyLangkawiDeals website beforehand, they offer a small amount of discount comparing to onsite ticket purchase.

There is three sections in the underwater world – tropical rainforest, temperate and sub-antarctic. You will be able to see plenty of fishes of both fresh and salt waters, penguins, crabs, seals. You will also be able to see some birds, too. I took some photos of those, the one with “Nemo” was my favourite!



Cost: RM 43 (RM 41 if purchased through MyLangkawiDeals)

Time needed:  2 to 3 hours

Day 2


Head towards oriental village in Langkawi where one of the most famous attractions in Langkawi is situated. Yes, it’s the “Langkawi cable car” or “Langkawi Sky Cab”.

When you will enter through the gate, you will see plenty of shops. There is a lake in the centre of this open air complex.

The queue for the cable car can become pretty long at times. There are three stations in the cable car. Before the journey, you will be placed inside a closed auditorium. You will entertained with some multi dimensional film (which I did not find exciting).

Apart from the regular cabins(which they call gondola, so sweet!), they also have VIP and crystal glass cabin with a premium price. In the transparent cabin, you will be able to see ‘what lies beneath’ as the bottom is transparent.


Langkawi is an archipelago with 104 islands. Some of them are big and some of them are small. When, you will be able to watch the aerial view from the cable card, you should understand some meaning of it. You can count some of those islands from it.

In the three different base stations, you can leave your cabin. You can go top of each base with the help of staircases, there is a place for taking photos. It will give you some sort of panoramic view of the island.

Cost: RM 45 for standard, RM 95 for crystal, RM 550 for VIP. Some discount if you buy from  MyLangkawiDeals

Time needed: 4 hours including transfer

When you will be done with the cable car, you can consider an interesting ride with Duck Tour Adventure. When, I heard about it, I was not so sure about what to expect out of it. Anyway, I gave it a try. And, it was something different!

Right at the entry gate of Oriental village, you will see the ticket counter of this vehicle. There is one tour in every hour. You can buy ticket and avail any of the tour. Here is the photo of the vehicle.  fullsizeoutput_1d6e

 When, the journey started, we were discussing among ourselves about the bumpiness of the ride. It was taking us through a road. There was a stretch of beaches in the right hand side and we were enjoying the scenery. All on a sudden, the driver and the helper shouted to be careful. And, I saw that, our vehicle is going to jump into the sea! Wait, what is happening here!! When, I started to scream out of fear, I realised, what “amphibian” means. This was an amphibious vehicle and started to sail in the sea. It was an hour of beautiful ride. The most interesting part of the journey was, when we were waterborne from the land with the same vehicle.

Cost: RM 38 (RM 37 if purchased from MyLangkawiDeals)

Time needed: 90 minutes


As, you might understand that, more than half of the days been gone with the cable car and duck tours adventure. You don’t have much time in your hand right now to dive into any adventure.

From oriental village, hire a taxi to drop you off at the Pantai Cenang beach. It will cost from RM 30 to 40.

You can join with the people who are playing volleyball or football in the beach. If you don’t want to do that, just enjoy the vibe of the beach and see the sun to set in the beautiful Andaman sea.


Day 3

Morning (and a part of evening):

It will be a jam packed day, you will be going to Mangrove Forest tour. Book your tour a day before and ask the operator to pick you up from the restaurant. It should be an early start at 8:00 AM in the morning. The car will take you to Pantai Kok, a wonderful beach in Langkawi. Here is a snap from Pantai Kok.


You will be given a brief before start of the journey and will be taken in a boat with engine. You will see mangrove forests for most part of your journeys.

You will be taken to different places as the boat will go forward. During each break, you will see different things.

The first stop will be in a fish farm. Here, you will see different type of big fishes in a large open cubicle. There is a trained person who will show you how to feed fishes, live! If you have the courage, you can try, too.


 The more the boat will go deeper into the sea, the more spectacular the journey will begin. You guide will give you insights about the forest and eagles. During one point of the journey, you will see eagle feeding. However, this has become restricted by the authority due to hygiene and environmental issue.

Oh! I am pretty sure, you have seen a lot of monkeys in your life. But, did you see any monkey swimming?


You will be served with lunch during a stop. It is a basic one with fried rice, chicken fry, vegetables and juice. If you have any preference, you should tell it to the tour operator during booking.

Ever since, I started to see the film “Batman”, I always thought about possessing the power of the super hero. However, I am not a fan of bats – those look scary(and ugly to some extend). So, when, we were informed that, we will be stopping in Batu cave, where, we will be able to see some sleeping bats, I did not want to go first. During the last moment, I joined with the team with a hope to become a Batman!


One of the negatives of the tour is, you have to get down to every stoppage although you might not like it. As you are accompanying with other persons, the journey will resume again based on their pace, too. However, when you will see be among nature and enjoy the following beautiful moments, your eyes will all lit up with joy, I can promise you that!

fullsizeoutput_1db2 fullsizeoutput_1db3

Cost: RM 80 to 120

Time needed: 6 to 7 hours (including transfer time)


It was a pretty long day, I can say you that. I don’t think, you will be able to do much. You can ask your operator to drop you in the Pantai Cenang area. If you still have energy, you can try parasailing in the beach. Alternatively, you can try out my favourite food in Langkawi.

Some alternates or additions to the itinerary:

  • You can go to Kuah, where the famous eagle square is. Many people go there to take a photo in-front of the famous eagle statue.
  • If you are fine with spending more, you can try a romantic sunset cruise or day cruise with crystal yacht.
  • During the rainy season Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls look wonderful and you will be rewarded with a good view of Langkawi.
  • Gunung Raya is the tallest mountain in the island. Going top of it will surely give you a spectacular view, not to mention about the hiking.
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