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Welcome to A Walk in the World, a travel experience sharing platform of Fuad Omar.

About me

Yes, you are right! I am the guy in the photo, trying to touch the sky (and could only go a meter above the ground). That sums up my story.

I love to travel - a lot! Unfortunately, I didn't have any hand on my birthplaces, and I don't know, who created the world border. So, carrying a Bangladeshi passport means, I need a prior visa for visiting almost all the countries of the world. And, having a visa is not enough in some cases, I was detained in the immigration for numerous times.

But, I didn't give up - I have set my foot to 37 countries of the world - and I will keep walking on earth.

This is my stories and experiences - only for you.

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  • 3 Continents
  • 37 Countries visited
  • 340 K KMs traveled
  • 171 Flights taken
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